Directions to the hotel. Arrival from:


Hotel from outside

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To walk, is the best way to go arround Palma. The hotel is near of a public parking place

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The hotel is located in the center of the city, near the shops, good restaurants and monuments of the city.

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Palma is the biggest city in Mallorca, but is very well connected to everyting in the island.

The hotel is located near Plaza Major, the geographic center of the city
The hotel is located in a neibourhood full of history
This is Teatre Principal, is the theater of the city and is near the hotel
San Miguel street
Tereses church
In Palma, mansions are near regular houses
Sant Miguel Church, one of the original six parrishes of the medieval city of Palma
The whole neigbourhood is full of little artistic details
The hotel is located in betwen three churches: Sant Miguel, Mission Church and Tereses Church
Architects, bars, hairdressers and hotels have installed recently in a neibourhood that is getting fashionable
Some houses have the traditional patios
Neibour coat of arms
Sant Miguel Church
Palaces besides the hotel
Tereses church
Staircaise of neighbour house
Most germans live and have their business in the center of the city
Detail of tereses church
Sant Miguel tower
Typical Mallorcan house
Dwell from neibour house
Tereses Church
Belltower from San Miguel Church
Mission Church
Ca la Seu, the oldest shop in the city (1510)
Tereses church
Hotel Ca Sa Padrina
C/Calle Tereses 2 07003 Palma de Mallorca Baleares
Tel. 00 34 971 425 300
Fax 00 34 971 719 708
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